This is a sad weekend for the body modification community and by extension, the piercing industry.  We lost a pioneer that broke ground on many levels, and through his creative vision, used the internet to create an international family.  Shannon Larratt was the founder of, the first online site dedicated to body modification.  BME's offshoot was, arguably one of the first social media websites, and something that opened up the channels of communication and networking even further for those of us interested in body art.  There isn't likely a professional in the industry anywhere that isn't familiar with BME and IAM, and they were his life's work.  Shannon was a hero and visionary to most and to say he'll be missed is an understatement.  Shannon was very ill with no chance of recovery,  and on March 15th he chose to end his suffering.  He will however live on through the work of the artists and community he inspired.