I never want to sound negative, so I'll see the positive in this.  There's some things to learn from this client's experience in a Los Angeles studio. Surface piercings like this nape can be difficult to heal for a few good reasons.  This man came in to have his jewelry removed so he could abandon the piercing.  He said his piercer made him a "custom" piece of jewelry.  What I think is more realistic is they didn't have surface barbells made for this type of piercing, but they didn't want to lose the sale.  So they bent the hell out of a barbell and tried to make it work. 

Notice a few things:
    1. The barbell is externally threaded which is a big no-no.
    2. The straight portion of the barbell, the "wearing surface," is too short for the distance between the two piercing            points.
    3. The legs are way too long, and not even in length.
    4. The legs don't sit at the same angle.
    5. The ball as ends are less practical than flat discs, if the barbell was snug to the skin and not hanging like a door        knocker.

In the future, remember that body jewelry for your fresh piercing is manufactured to very specific shapes and sizes and when your piercer starts taking pliers you compromise the quality. 

Remember surface piercings can be difficult to heal with all things being done well.  I do offer them on a case-by-case basis after a consultation.  If you're interested in these types of piercings remember to look at your piercer's portfolio and ask questions.

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